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Manuptocancer (“we”) promises to respect any personal data you share with us, or that we get from other organisations and keep it safe.  We aim to be clear when we collect your data and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. 

Developing a better understanding of our supporters through their personal data allows us make better decisions, fundraise more efficiently and, ultimately, helps us to reach our goal of enabling three in four people to survive a cancer diagnosis by 2035.  We have made improvements to this policy to make it more understandable to supporters.

In July 2017, we will be moving to be an ‘opt-in only’ communication policy. This means that we will only send marketing communications to those that have explicitly stated that they are happy for us to do so via their preferred channel(s) (email, SMS, phone or post).

Our marketing communications include information about our latest breakthroughs, campaigns and lifesaving work. If you would like to receive such communications but have not opted in please contact us at