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Arboretum 24/06/18

Walsall Arboretum 24/06/18

Thank you to everyone that took part in the Arboretum run on the 24th June.  The heat was at times unbearable and you all must consider your achievement amazing in finishing!

After our first event on the 25th May we asked runners to write down their times at a table located near the finish line, whilst in my opinion, this method was a success we received messages of discontent, following on from this we attempted to employ a written method of recording runners times at the Arboretum having two volunteers on the finish line, however, they were unable to complete the list and we cannot guarantee the authenticity of many of the times (one volunteer recorded time, one number) as the list did not sync up.

I have personally taken the decision to leave all times unpublished for this reason.  I’m sure you are aware that our races are primarily aimed at fun runners but I do appreciate timing is a primary reason for signing up to an organised event for many participants and I have therefore taken the decision to invest in RFID chip timing for our next scheduled event (this decision has been ratified by all trustees). Of course, we will make any future investment in our charity on the basis of enabling us to raise greater funds in the future for our cause.  I have spent the morning researching possible solutions for RFID tagging which meet’s our needs and represent’s the minimum expense for future events.

Our team are now working on the next event and we would be grateful for your support and understanding, I will be publishing a discount code which will offer all participants of the Arboretum run a substantial discount to enter the next event – Watch this space.

As always we welcome your feedback, it is you, not us that make these events possible and we run them in service of you and our cause.

Kind Regards

Richard Deakin

The Finishers List

First Name Surname Number 5K / 10K
Natalie Aldana 68 5K
Louise Allen 16 10K
Jon Allen 140 10K
Nick Amos 31 10K
Lynsey Amos 33 5K
Maisei Amos 32 5K
Bakwant Ark 72 10K
Helen Bagley 4 5K
Alison Baker 45 5K
Nikita Bhalla 65 10K
Rickpal Birr 66 5K
Simon Birr 67 5K
Richard Bolger 12 10K
Julie Bond 39 10K
Roger Boulter 30 10K
Craig Bowen 20 10K
Craig Bowen 21 5K
Lucy Braithwaite 8 10K
Ian Braithwaite 9 10K
Peter Brown 13 5K
Zoe Cairney 18 5K
Mathew Causer 6 10K
Adam Chatwin 52 10K
Lynne Cherry 49 5K
Sophie Cockayne 84 10K
Tim Constable 14 5K
Illona Coppage 37 10K
Illona Coppage 38 10K
Daniel Copper 23 10K
David Cox 27 10K
Matt Crocker 2 10K
Alex Crook 57 10K
Mark Crowe 50 10K
Jane Cunniffe 61 10K
Robin Darby 10 10K
Gareth Davies 88 10K
Carina Davin 42 10K
Richard Davin 41 10K
Kel Dawkins 48 5K
Becky Denton 40 10K
Nichola Dsouza 70 10K
Nichola Dsouza 71 10K
Debbie Dudley 36 10K
Paul Dunn 53 10K
Barry Edwards 62 5K
Danielle Edwards 44 10K
Jordan Evans 17 10K
Paul Fillery 7 10K
Lee Finch 22 10K
Neil Fletcher 56 10K
Daniel Floyd 59 10K
Louise Fowler 46 10K
Louise Fowler 47 10K
James Galbraith 55 10K
Rory Gallen 74 10K
Sherise Gillespie 25 10K
Louise Gnosill 69 10K
Gemma Goode 15 10K
Ashley Goodman 19 10K
G Green 64 10K
Matt Gregg 51 10K
Dan Groves 35 10K
Ania Gruszczynska 73 10K
Laura Hancox 123 10K
Laura Hancox 124 10K
Vincent Handley 137 5K
Roy Harris 131 10K
Ash Harris 132 10K
Robert Hayden 133 10K
Peter Hill 134 5K
Brenda Hines 127 10K
Kirsty Hodgkiss 121 10K
Kirsty Hodgkiss 122 10K
Carol Holder 145 5K
Carol Holder 146 5K
Daniel Hollyhead 135 10K
Daniel Hope 144 10K
Olivia Howe 101 10K
Michael Hughes 29 5K
Ali Hughes 125 5K
Jill Hutton 105 10K
Rebecca Jackson 142 5K
Rebecca Jackson 204  
David Jacques 111 5K
Kirsty Janse Van Rensburg 208 10K
Mike Janse Van Rensburg 209 10K
Jamie Janse Van Rensburg 210 10K
Phil Jordan 120 10K
Joshua Keenan 255 10K
Faye kennedy 141 5K
Mary Kilgallon 128 5K
Neil Kingston 75 10K
Vanessa Lane 129 10K
Stevan Lane 130 10K
Sarah Lawrence 116 5K
Richard Lewis 140 5K
Sharon Lockley 108 10K
Robert Lockwood 103 5K
Robert Lockwood 104 5K
Vivienne Loo 112 5K
Ravenna Loo 113 5K
Vanessa Loo 114 5K
Alex Loo 115 10K
Steven Lycett 138 10K
Gary Mann 5 10K
Julia Marsh 126 10K
Maxim Marshall 24 10K
Tina Marshall 118 10K
Joanna Mason 28 10K
Laura Mathews 147 10K
Julie Merrick 60 10K
Ben Moore 117 10K
Kez Morris 136 10K
Danielle Morrison 1 10K
Michelle Murtagh 3 10K
Saahib Singh Nagra 11 5K
Joanne Nichols 34 5K
Rob Parker 247 10K
Liam Parker 246 10K
Terrance Parsons 244 10K
Tammy Partridge Smith 222 10K
Chanda Patel 231 10K
Rajesh Patel 230 10K
Ricky Patel 253 10K
Robert Peacock 220 10K
Kym Peg 239 10K
Tomasz Pencak   10K
Danielle Pitt 43 10K
Lee Plimmer 260 10K
Rachel Preece    
Tracey Quirk 221 10K
Jack Raison 235 10K
Gurmeet Rana 139 10K
Georgina Reynolds 119 10K
David Rhodes 205 10K
Amy Rhodes 252 10K
Dianne Rider 212 10K
Chriss Robertson 202  
Paul Rose 245 10K
Charelle Rose 26 10K
Jason Russon 215 5K
Ella Russon 216 5K
Fay Rutter 237 10K
Karon Salt 223 5K
Tess Salt 228 5K
Tess Salt 236 10K
Rajan Sandal 250 5K
Surinder Sandal 251 5K
Louise Schwartz 224 10K
Nav Shabir 225 5K
  Shepard 106 5K
  Shepard 107 5K
Rebecca Short 201  
Christina siekierska 257  
Jasper Singhall 63 10K
Matt Smith 248 5K
Caitlyn Smith 249 5K
Julie Smith 76 10K
Julie Smith 78 10K
Steve Smith 211 10K
Tina Smith 241 5K
Stephen Smith 242 5K
Scott Southall 102 10K
James Stevenson 254 10K
Anthony Stone 234  
Ivan Store 203  
Stephen Sullivan 206 10K
Ruben Tavares 226 10K
Luke Timmins 227 10K
David Tucker 217 5K
Jon Turner 219 10K
Karen Walden 109 5K
Kurt Walker 238 10K
Claire Wall 229 10K
Vicki Walsh 207 10K
Alethea Warburton 110 5K
Gemma Williams 213 10K
Gemma Williams 214 10K
Neil Winnall 233 10K
Emma Woolley 232 5K
Chriss Young 243 10K
Stuart Young 240  
Polina Zakharenkova 218 10K